Everything you need to know before signing a contract

Make sure to read everything in detail. Sometimes contracts can change based on the negotiation process. Clauses can be added or subtracted and you may find yourself in a sticky situation if something was added that you weren't aware of. This happens frequently in the case of counter offers. A dedicated realtor will be able to guide you through the pitfalls of contract negotiations, however as they say in construction: "always measure twice and cut once" #signingacontract #f

Simple tips on how to find amazing real estate deals you won't believe are real

Sometimes the greatest opportunities are right under our noses. Talking to a real estate professional about a potential house for sale can get you the first mover advantage. Being the first to recognize an opportunity can pay dividends in the long term. For example, did you know, the first 20% of buyers into a new condo development stand to make the biggest profit on the resale? There are many tips and tricks hiding in plain sight that the average person may not pick up, hire

Guide to financing your dream home

Passing the "stress test" can be a nightmare for some people. Assets, liabilities, debts, credit ratings, where to begin? As real estate professionals, we are trained to navigate the hurdles that accompany buying or selling a home. We can write up a detailed report that shows you how much money you will be left with after a sale or how much you may need to buy your dream home. For example, there are certain tax advantages you can benefit from if you have never bought a proper