Everything you need to know before signing a contract

Make sure to read everything in detail. Sometimes contracts can change based on the negotiation process. Clauses can be added or subtracted and you may find yourself in a sticky situation if something was added that you weren't aware of. This happens frequently in the case of counter offers. A dedicated realtor will be able to guide you through the pitfalls of contract negotiations, however as they say in construction: "always measure twice and cut once" #signingacontract #f

Guide to financing your dream home

Passing the "stress test" can be a nightmare for some people. Assets, liabilities, debts, credit ratings, where to begin? As real estate professionals, we are trained to navigate the hurdles that accompany buying or selling a home. We can write up a detailed report that shows you how much money you will be left with after a sale or how much you may need to buy your dream home. For example, there are certain tax advantages you can benefit from if you have never bought a proper